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Going home safely from work


With more and more people working night shifts in the country and public safety continuing to remain a challenge, the Indian government has come up with certain mandates for private companies. Employees, especially female employees, must be provided a safe cab service if they are required to commute in the late evenings or early mornings.

This rule has brought about the growth of the cab-service industry for private companies in recent years. While the rules mandate several things like a dedicated guard who will be in the vehicle making sure that the female employees are not the first to be picked up and last to be dropped off, etc., a technological demand that has come up is the need for GPS solution in the cabs.

Reports suggest that the Indian vehicle telematics market is expected to touch US$300 million by 2021. To put this in perspective, the global market for the same is expected to reach $113 billion to $230 billion by 2022. The Indian government has been mulling over making GPS tracking mandatory for commercial vehicles for a while and has finally given an ultimatum that all public vehicles registered from the beginning of this year will have to have GPS and panic buttons.

The state of public safety has also given rise to several mobile apps that cater to women’s safety. These include apps that can share cab ride details with friends, send SOS messages, and provide insights into the safety situation in specific parts of a city at a specific time of the day.

Source: Prasanth Aby Thomas, Freelancer,